UpSideDownDay TapeMix – WolF J

TO DOWNLOAD UpSideDownDay. Tapemix CLICK HERE!!!

UpSideDownDay. Cover

UpSideDownDay. Back

TO DOWNLOAD UpSideDownDay. Tapemix CLICK HERE!!!


~ by theadventuresofeverything on September 4, 2009.

13 Responses to “UpSideDownDay TapeMix – WolF J”

  1. Mad skills I tell ya!!!!!!

  2. talent is the word!!!!

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
    WolF J !!!!!!!!!!

  4. I loved Grizzly so much, I had to use it in one of my videos. Hope you don’t mind 😉

    • I don’t mind at all. Thank you for downloading the Tapemix… I have the biggest smile ever right now. WolF Tru

  5. Amazing. I saw you perform at Nuit Blanche it was incredible.

  6. slooowly, I keep on fallin’ heeeeeeeead ova heels in love with…
    Great website. Send me the info for your tech person!

  7. hey i saw you perform at the open mic by Ryerson Bar last month … i was the girl sitting at the front (that you sang too) lol .. you sang a song that is not on your mix tape which you said it wouldn’t be, but i want to know the name of the song I absolutely love it .. you are very talented and i wish you all the best as an artist but i don’t think you need luck cause you already got it..will defiantly promote your mix tape… Julietta

  8. Woow just nice Mixtape, nice style! keep workin…

  9. […] artist from Toronto, Canada who’s getting a lot of recognition and respect for his album UpSideDownDay TapeMix. His stylistic Grizzly Bears Panda video is also generating a lot of buzz. As a result, people not […]

  10. Just downloaded your tapemix last night and listened on my way into work on the go train. LOVE IT! Head was bobbing non-stop. Love the mix of hiphop, pop and some rock. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Where can I get more info on new releases/shows?

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